A good vending machine business owner knows the ins and outs of his or her vending machines. From knowing how to fix them, to understanding what types are available, it is important to know everything that can be known about vending machines.

There are many different types of vending machines, but they usually fall into two categories: full service and limited service. Each of these has pros and cons, depending on the location where the vending machine will be placed.

Full-Service Vending Machine

A full-service vending machine is one that can take multiple forms of payment and dispense a wide variety of items. This type of vending machine is commonly found in airports, train stations and shopping malls. This type of vending machine stocks everything from newspapers to drinks to makeup.

The benefit of this type of vending machine is that it can dispense a wide variety of products for consumers who may need something when they are on the go. The downside is that this type of vending machine requires more maintenance than other types of vending machines because there are so many items stocked within it.

Limited Service Vending Machine

There are many different types of limited-service vending machines. Some only accept coins, while others work with credit cards or cash. Limited Service machines include those that only sell snacks or beverages or those that sell specialty items like coffee or tea. These types of machines are often found in office buildings, factories and universities where people need snacks and beverages but don’t have the time to leave their building for lunch or coffee breaks.

Candy Vending Machines

Candy vending machines are the most common type of vvending machines. These machines vend a wide variety of sweets, such as gumballs, lollipops and hard candy. Many candy vending machines also vend nuts and dried fruits like raisins and cranberries. As with other types of vending machines, candy machines can be customized to vend a set kind of product or multiple products.

Drink Vending Machines

Drink vending machines are the next most popular type of vvending machines. These come in all different sizes, ranging from 12 oz cans to 20 oz bottles. Most drink vending machines have a variety of drink selections, usually up to 10 different drinks available at any time. The most common types of drink vending machines contain soda, juice, water and sports drinks like Gatorade, but they can be found dispensing all kinds of drinks, including coffee and tea. Drink vending machines are commonly found in schools, offices and other workplaces.

Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines can be filled with all kinds of snacks and usually hold between 140-400 items. They can be set up to take cash, credit cards, and even cell phone payments in some cases. Most often they sell snacks like crackers and cookies, but some also offer sandwiches or sushi as well. You can buy snack vending machinesthat are either new or refurbished, depending on your budget and what you’re looking for.

Combo Vending Machines

Combo vvending machinesare another popular choice among business owners, as they provide more flexibility. This type of machine offers two types of products in one location. For example, a combo vending machines may offer both drinks and snacks. This can help to draw in more customers and increase the sales for your business.

Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee Vending Machines are ideal for workplaces and offices, particularly in locations where employees don’t have the time or means to pop out for a coffee or tea.

Coffee vending machines are much smaller in size, and they are designed to make middle-sized coffee, which is around 250 mL. Having a coffee vending machines means that you have a constant supply of coffee, which makes it easier for your customers to get the drink they want.

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