Although Covid 19 has been and is still threatening many lives, it is still easy to become careless. But some precautions need to be taken when working in an environment where you are exposed to the public.

A PPE vending machine can be put right into your office space so that you have instant access to gloves, masks, and sanitizers. The importance of PPE is obvious when thinking about protecting yourself from this virus.
If you are dealing with customers daily, you will also want to make sure that they are protected as much as possible. Having a PPE vending machine near your office or business entrance will allow your customers to get access to masks, gloves or sanitizers before they come inside. Helping them and everyone else stay safe and healthy while keeping the virus out of your establishment.

The first thing to consider is the machine’s location. If your business is in a high-traffic area, you’ll need to have your PPE vending machine where it is accessible and easy to use. Many customers will not want to climb stairs or go through a maze of corridors to get to your PPE vending machine. Try and place it somewhere visible and accessible but out of the way enough so that your PPE vending machine won’t become an obstruction or distraction for employees or other customers.

The second thing to consider is the size of the machine. How many products are you going to stock in your PPE vending machine? Is it essential for consumers to be able to see all of your goods at once? These are all things that will impact what type of PPE vending machine you purchase.

And lastly, you will want to consider your PPE vending machine’s appearance. It’s good to remember that people are more inclined to use something if they like its design. A noticeable and attractive PPE vending machine not only gets consumers’ attention but might also make them feel safe using the product.

It’s an unfortunate reality that we need these PPE vending machines. The CDC says hand washing is the best way to avoid contracting any type of illness. Suppose you’re worried about your health or the safety of those around you. In that case, investing in a personal protection equipment (PPE) vending machine may not be such a bad idea after all. Contact us now or give us a call at 416.819.2163 for more information on how our product can help keep everyone safe during these trying times!
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